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Q: Remove and change spark plugs on 2007 Dodge Caravan

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How do you remove the spark plugs from the 2007 Caravan 4cyl.? I thought it was going to be pretty straightforward as you can see all four spark plug wires and boots, but when you remove the boot all you can see of the plug is about 1/4in of the end of the plug. It appears to be encased in the box that is holding all 4 plugs. I already bought the upgraded pregapped plugs, but now I can't get the old plugs out! Do you have to somehow remove the entire box and somehow remove the plugs from inside? I even bought the Hanes repair guide, but it just says to use a socket to get it out, but there is nothing to use the socket on... Can someone please help??? Thanks!
it sounds like you have broken the boot on the plug and the remaining part of the boot is in the hole. use a long screw driver to loosen the boot and remove the remaining part of the boot and the wire end. then you will be able to get to the plug.

No, I thought that at first also, but upon inspecting every plug, when you remove the boot the plug appears to be encased in this plastic cover/box. It's almost like it's screwed in from underneath with the metal tip sticking out that you cover with the boot. I'm just afraid to try and remove the plastic cover/box without knowing or making sure I'm not going to harm something else. The whole plug is encircled by the plastic other than the metal bottom, so you can't unscrew it from the outside for sure!
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