Q: remote, windows and hoods not operational on 1997 Porsche Boxster

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The remote key lock, windows and trunk lids have stopped working. Any ideas????
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After market repair information for Porsche is not great. I tried to find a fuse chart or wiring diagram for your car but didn't find one. I will forward your question to someone who is brilliant with Porsche hopefully he can help.
The remote, hood and window operation may very well all be protected by one fuse that has blown. There is a fuse box at the drivers left foot well area of your car and I think the fuses are pretty well identified, check the fuses first.
Did you ever find more info on this? I have a 97 Boxster trunks won't open everything else seems fine. I hate to have to bring it to repair shop just for a fuse. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks Colleen :)
Start by checking the fuses. I believe fuse 7 row B and fuse 3 row C , are involved. There is a diagram inside the access hatch of your fuse box cover.
Does everything else work ?
Might be the key is set in valet mode. Its a security feature. Use the key to lock and unlock the driver side door manually. This might reset it.
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