Q: Remote door locks quit working. on 2006 Buick Lucerne

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Dealer checked key fobs and they were working. Dealer Tried reprogramming, didn't work. Put computer on, told me to come back and put it in shop, something about module? Any cost ideas or suggestions?
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I had this same issue & it was only due to a awire that came aloose in the trunk while putting stuff in & out.... Located in between the speakers in the trunk.

I went thru the same exact situation... The dealers techs sucks ass! I ended up finding the problem my self... Plugged in the loose plug & wah-la remote locks again... Im pretty sure with this problem your tire pressure monitor was off as well....
Thank you, RRJAM. Both my remotes stopped working at the same time. I changed batteries, even knowing that was probably not the answer -- and it wasn't. I looked in my trunk and saw a device back up between the speakers with a wire connection. It was the 'pull and plug' type connection, but it was not loose. I pulled it and then replugged it. VOILA! My remotes now work. I can imagine how much the dealer would have taken me for. So, thanks again, RRJAM. You da man!