Q: Relationship between readiness monitors and Gross Polluters vehicles. on 1999 Honda Accord

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Say I want to do a smog test for a 1999 Honda Accord after the battery has been unplugged and reinstalled. There are 3 monitors incomplete. I know for sure it will fail on the functional part of the readiness monitors as it only allows 2. My questions is once it fails, can it possibly be classified as a Gross Polluter because the systems weren't ready to performed due the readiness monitors, or will it fail only due the FUNCTIONAL part due to the monitors, and that this has nothing to do with why is vehicle is a gross polluter?

Since the monitors are not ready, that means that emissions will be high because those emission parts are not working yet, right (I.E. the catalytic converter monitor not yet ready)? Checking OBD II diagnotic for readiness monitors tells you if the emission systems are ready to perform, is that correct? If it is not ready that means the system is not up yet and therefore, NOX and/or CO/HC will be higher due to EGR and CAT monitor not ready?

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