Q: Regarding the GM passlock issue: Does my car require dealer reprogramming? on 2003 Chevrolet Impala

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Suppose I replace the ignition lock cylinder and case, and the car needs to be reprogrammed at dealer, will I need a tow to the dealer?!
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Yes, if you are going to let the dealer reprogram it. Then again, after you replace it, try it to see if it will start. Watch the Security light (with the key in the "Run" position) to see if it is blinking. If it is blinking and won't start, you may be able to reprogram it yourself by using the 10 minute procedure that was described in the previous questions. Its worth a try and could save you a lot of money.
DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME MESSING WITH IT (or let a non-dealer mess w/it!)ONLY PERMANENT FIX=...take it to the dealer & have the entire ignition switch replaced...u can squirt a shot of tuner spray or WD-40 in the keyhole for a temporary fix...the "glue/grease" that is used in the assembly when it's manufactured gets sticky & doesn't let all the tumblers spring back when the key's pulled out, consequently, the car thinks you're trying the wrong key (trying to steal it) & the computer locks u out.... so the WD generally temporarily fixes it as it loostens all the pins back up, but should only be a TEMPORARY fix till you can shell out to have it replaced at a dealer (GO TO A DEALER ONLY if u want it done right)
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