Q: Red liquid on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

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So first 30cm of snow this week, a few blocks of snow and ice hit my jetta's belly.. I parked it today in the garage, and 2hours later noticed a red liquid just behind both front wheels..? Thought maybe of some leak of the coolant, but color and smell don't match.. Prestone is orangy but this was dark red. And coolant liquid level was normal. Any idea?

On a different note, do any of you know what (and how) to replace if those red lights that light up all 3 climate control knobs at night went off?

(I should add that right before going home I had to press hard on the brakes for about 10 seconds while my car gracefully slid on black ice to avoid a coming car, which made that weird brakes-being-useless sound.. Brake liquide?How?)

Thank you.

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