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Q: Recurring misfire on #2 on 2000 Dodge Dakota

My check engine light comes on and the engine begins misfiring. Scan shows #2 misfire and something about Ign. coil B Primary/Secondary circuit. Replacing the plug always solves the problem. Except that it will happen again anywhere from one month to two minutes. This is getting verrrry tiresome. Suggestions?
I have already swapped coils to see if the problem moved with it. It didn't.
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What are the exact codes you are getting?

You may want to have this checked by a shop that has experience with Dodger vehicles. Continuing to drive with a misfire will damage the catalytic converter, which can run $1000.00+

If the plug lasts long enough it will have a tan appearance around the insulator and the ground electrode.
If the plug fails shortly after installation it has no appearances other than looking quite new.
Codes retreived are P0302 and P0352.
I found an article that says the spark plug wires and ignition coil wire need to be re routed due to a short thru the wires to the frame or engine. at 45 mph or more.. I have the exact same problem with my truck. Check Engine light, sucks gas, no gas pedal function then a monster backfire cause gas is seeping into exhaust and blowing up.
dont ignore p0352 dtc yet, that means u have either intermittent problem on electrical side of ignition circuit, first make sure wiring for cyl-2 coil pack is good 99% of time it is, next disconnect battery then disconnect all pcm connectors and visually inspect them good, to make sure there not corroded, burnt or bent pins on pcm connectors.its critical to check this cuz ur pcm controls spark thru it on coil pack control side of circuit, which also leads to fuel injectors being shut off, my gess is either bad injectors, or internal failure in pcm if u get p0352 code re-occurring. get bac to me if u need any help on this
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