Q: Reclining seat latch on back of passenger seat quit working on 2007 Ford Mustang

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The latch on the back of the front passenger seat no longer allows the seat to recline forward or backward. The lever on the bottom side of the seat by the door still works properly. I am trying to find a diagram of the inner workings of the seat so I can check for a broken cable etc. without taking the whole leather seat cover off. Any help or direction on this will be appreciated.
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You will have to dissemble the seat to investigate but that seat have supplementary restraint (Air Bag) so the battery ha to be disconnected for 15 minute prior to seat removal and then if you turn on the key with the seat out it will set an Air Bag Code. You may want to take the seat out any way and bring it to an auto upholstery shop tell them your problem first and ask if they have a way to reset the air bag code.