Q: re:clear DTC's prior to replacing ignition lock cylinder w/passlock sensor... on 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

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without having access to a proper scan tool. And without taking my car to a chevrolet dealorship? THANK YOU!
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Try a Global Reset (remove the battery cables and touch them together for about 30 seconds). Otherwise, you'll need the scan tool. After replacing the lock cylinder w/sensor, you will need to do a theft relearn though. To do this, try and start the vehicle. Whether it starts or not, leave the key in the "Run/On" position (if the vehicle does start, don't worry, it will shut off by itself shortly). The key must then remain in the on position for a FULL 10 MINUTES. The security warning lamp will flash while the vehicle does the relearn. DO NOT turn the ignition to any other position until the security warning quits flashing. Then turn the key off for 30 seconds and then sdtart the vehicle. It should now operate normally. NOTE: MAKE SURE THAT BATTERY IS FULLY CHARGED BEFORE STARTING THE RELEARN PROCEDURE.
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