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What is a recall?

A recall takes place after a large safety issue is brought to a car manufacturer’s attention. Engine issues, supplemental restraint system (SRS) problems, or other items may make the vehicle unsafe or hazardous to operate. At that point, a manufacturer must notify owners of affected vehicles that a recall is happening, what is involved, and then take steps to correct the issue. This correction must be performed at no cost to the consumer.

Where can I take care of a recall on my vehicle?

While independent shops can be a great place to have your car repaired or maintained, if your vehicle is subject to a recall, only an authorized dealership can perform the repair. Click HERE to find a RepairPal Certified Dealer in your area. Recalls are required to be done free of charge to the owner and do not expire, so be wary of anyone who tries to charge you for one.

Is a 'campaign' the same as a recall?

Campaigns are not the same as recalls. A vehicle may experience issues not related to its safety after it is released. In some of these cases, the manufacturer may create a campaign to correct the issue for free while the vehicle is under warranty. Any documentation you receive from the manufacturer should state explicitly whether your issue is a recall or a campaign.

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Summary on
On certain passenger vehicles, fuel leaks may develop at the fuel distributor assembly because of quality deviations.
1 model affected
Summary on
Honda is recalling 2,032 hitch style bike racks sold as aftermarket for use on my 2003-2007 and some my 2008 honda pilot, ridgeline, and acura mdx vehicles. a pinch bolt exists between the bike arm bracket and the upright assembly of the "hitch" style bicycle rack.
3 models affected
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