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RepairPal Expert Overview on February 28, 2002
On certain 2-wheel-drive (2wd) and 4-wheel-drive (4wd) 4runner sport utility vehicles, a combination of heavy loading (simultaneous loading to rear gross axle weight rating and gross vehicle weight rating) and severe steering maneuvers could cause the 2wd 4runner to lose directional stability.
Summary on February 27, 2002
Certain passenger vehicles equipped with dunlop sp5000 tires. some of these tires have a separation around the entire circumference in the area of the side wall and tread.
Summary on February 25, 2002
Vehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with racing option (acr or gt2). the 5-point racing seat belt harness, which is optional equipment on the viper may not meet the voluntary load specifications set forth by the fia (federation internationale de l'automobile).
Summary on February 20, 2002
Vehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with hoppecke batteries. the battery maintenance schedule could be less than needed to maintain proper electrolyte levels.
RepairPal Expert Overview on February 19, 2002

The brake pedal pad may break and separate from the pedal actuator arm. This would result in difficulty actuating the brake system, and could dislodge the driver's foot from securely applying the brakes.

General Motors notified owners of affected vehicles starting in February 2002. You can check with your dealer to see if your vehicle is involved in this program. It is helpful to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand when you contact them.

Summary on February 18, 2002
Vehicle description: sport utility vehicles. in the event of a severe frontal offset collision, sharp edges on the power steering pressure hose bracket could cut the front impact sensor wiring insulation causing a short circuit in the wiring.
Summary on February 1, 2002
On certain passenger vehicles and mini vans, the driver's air bag inflator modules could produce excessive internal pressure. in the event of a crash that would trigger a driver's air bag deployment, the increased internal pressure can cause the inflator module to explode.
Summary on January 28, 2002
Vehicle description: passenger vehicles built with an incorrect power brake booster and master cylinder assembly.
Summary on January 27, 2002
Vehicle description: passenger vehicles. improperly manufactured powertrain control modules (pcm) were installed in some vehicles. the improperly manufactured pcms contained a condenser that was not correctly installed onto the pcm printed circuit board. the incorrect installation of the condenser could result in damage to the ignition failure sensor.
Summary on January 25, 2002
Vehicle description: mini vans built with 3.3l and 3.8l engines have fuel rails with nitrole rubber o-ring seals that can degrade over time. fuel leakage from the underhood fuel injection fuel rail could result, increasing the likelihood of a vehicle fire.
RepairPal Expert Overview on January 22, 2002
Vehicle description: certain sedans and coupes fail to comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 209, "seat belt assemblies." certain rear seat belt buckles were improperly manufactured.
Summary on January 22, 2002
Certain sedans fail to comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards no. 210, "seat belt assembly anchorages," and no. 214, "side impact protection." these vehicles were manufactured with welds between the door striker and belt-line that do not meet saturn specifications.
Summary on January 18, 2002
The steering knuckle castings on certain passenger vehicles may have been contaminated during the casting process.
RepairPal Expert Overview on January 15, 2002
Vehicle description: certain mini vans without anti-lock braking systems (abs) fail to comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 135, "passenger car brake systems." due to inappropriate brake pipe layout, these vehicles do not meet the brake stopping distance with partial failure requirements of the standard.
Summary on January 14, 2002
Vehicle description: certain passenger vehicles fail to comply with requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 108, "lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment." these vehicles were missing tamperproof caps that prevent horizontal headlamp adjustment.
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