Q: Rear wiper not working on 2005 Honda Odyssey

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The rear wiper was working great, stopped and when restarted it was hanging straight down. Tried ro readjust but it would either hang straight down or wipe 1/4 of the window and then the the car body itself. My wife has the car now so I haven't checked to see if the nut is just loose but wondered if there might be any other solutions for this problem.
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The arm is covered by a platic cover that snaps off and then there is a bolt that need removed to pull the arm off. It is probably stripped and the arm needs to be replaced. It is a dealer part for under $20.00.
Yep, I checked that out and it definitely was loose. We havent' had much need for the wiper so it has slipped my mind and I haven't fixed it yet. Must do that soon! Thanks for the response.