Q: rear wheel bearings on 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

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There seem to be an inner and outer, or are they one piece and, I can't seem to locate a supplier without going directly to a GM dealer which charges $150 + for each one. Any suggestions and maybe a pic or price. I am in Canada.Thank you
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| | list a rear wheel bearing and hub, there price seems good. Wheel bearing in the repair manual says the wheel bearing is part of the rear brake drum.
I found the solution for the drum wheel bearings. I bougth the bearings in a place called USD,INC. in El Paso, tx, tel. 915-778-2392. They carry AC Delco parts(wheel bearing part # RW20-121). The price was tremendous, $71.70 each plus tax,total $155.23 for two. The races have to be pressed out and the new bearing have to be pressed in, that is another cost. Now I have to take care of the front ones.
they are one piece, they look like two, because they fall apart, we just fixed the same thing, we had to go threw a dealer for the part..