Q: Rear Taillight Replacement on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

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Before i even get into replacement, I came across this site and figured help will make this easy task go smoothly. My newly acquired VW (my wife's car) has us with half of her rear left taillight out. I briefly looked at it and don't see how to access the light. Do I need to remove the felty interior of the trunk to aceess the back of the light housing?
(2) Answers
To remove the tail lights, you have to go behind the felt or interior rug behind the light. Not a hrad job to replace. Just remember that there is at least 3 nuts holding the tail light on. Maybe you can replace it without pulling it off, but it makes it easier.
Yes, If its the left side of the trunk just drop down the flap with two turn studs and then just pop out the felt covering the tail light access. Then locate the bulb needing repalcement. Note: On the back of the light cover gives you the bulb number, but I would rather just look on the bulb you are needing to replace to be sure.