Q: Rear suspension air bladder problem on 2005 Nissan Armada

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Whenever the truck is started, the air compressor for the leveling system for the rear suspension pumps but does not fill the "bladder" nor does it level the truck. Please advise at
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there is an air leak that does not allow the system to pump up. you need to find the leak and repair it before the pump wears out from over usage.

My problem is similar to this one. My 2008 Armada used to ride nice and level without any load. When you added weight to the rear the air pump would kick in and level it out. Within the last year, especially in cold weather, without any load, the rear drops when the truck isn't running. When you start the truck the pump kicks in and levels things out. Is this still an air leak problem that worsens when it is cold? If so, any suggestions on how to find the leak. My Nissan dealer is trying to tell me this is "normal". Frank