Q: Rear Power Outlet Not Working on 2007 Mercury Mountaineer

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MY rear power outlet is not working and it is not mentioned on the fuse diagram. Is there something I m missing? How do i get this outlet to work?
(1) Answer
If I am making sense of the information I have I beleve they are calling this outlet power point #2 of the console. this is powered up by fuse # 21 in the battery junction box located under the hood on the left side (drivers side) of the engine compartment. The cover should be numbered for location. A test light is the best tool to check on both sides of the fues but a visual check of the fuse can tell if it is blown or not. if it looks good, you need to check the ground and power at the plug of the power point. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new 20A fuse, if it blowes again you have a short, and will want to take the vehicle to a shop you trust and takes electrical repair work. if it stayes good but when you plug in the last device that was used before the loss suspect a problem with the device. Good luck ! Tom