rear main seal leak on 2006 Honda Ridgeline

Vehicle was brought into Honda dealer and tech stated that he observed leak at rear main seal area. Truck has 75,000 miles, I thought this happened only to American cars not Hondas! Tech put dye in it and stated to come back at 500 miles to verify leak. The truck is out of warranty and I'm not paying for this type of repair. No drips on garage floor for past four years.

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Unfortunately Honda is no better than any other car manufacturer. I my opinion they are slow to change which makes issues the rear main issue seal particularly disappointing. Rear main seals appear to last about 60,000 miles. The Honda dealer charges $1,000 for a replacement. In my opinion Honda owners with the 3.5L V6 should get together and file a CLASS ACTION lawsuit against over this issue.
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My 2006 developed a rear main seal leak at 111,000 miles. I confirmed where it was coming from with the dye. I normally fix these things myself but it's winter here in Kansas and I'm in a hurry so I took it to an independent shop. Will probably cost about $800 when all cost are figured in. I'll update when I get it back.
what became the outcome of your repairs to the rear main seal?