Q: rear mail seal engine oil pan trans pan gaskets valve covers on 1997 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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i have 40+ hours had to replace rear main 2 times pulled trans then saw oil pan bolts were loose took out with fingers dropped front drive shaft and front axle to pull off oil pan. to pull out trans could not touch manifolds bolts rusted so bad no nuts just round so had too take transfer case off it would not drop out together. fixed driver door and did brakes all the way around new everything all junk. how do i figure how much to charge this person. im the type of guy does it for friends for free but this is a guy that heard of me knocked on door and said can you fix my truck? also cleaned everything this is not the same truck i started with now it looks like new money.
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What do most of the repair shops around there charge per hour? That is what you should get X the hours you worked on lt!!
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