Q: rear end spider gears go out. how hard are they to change??? on 1995 Dodge Ram 2500

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my rear end has big chunks of metal in the bottom of the pumpkin. pretty sure its the spider gears. need to know how much trouble they are to change out yourself before i get started on it??
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after you remove the axles, the rear drive shaft and the pimion flange. you are ready to remove. with chunks, you will be doing a major overhaul. replace ring, pinion, all bearings and seals, possibel carrier assembly too. all parts available and not too bad in preice. the hardest part is getting the tooth contact correct. shims on the carrier bearings and pinion bearing are the crucial areas.

You need a manual on the vehicle. Differential rebuilding is covered. If you have a non-limited slip diff, it's probably not too hard to replace the internal parts. if it's liimited-slip it's more complicated. You can find a manual at the public library or get access to manuals online from Auto Zone if you register online.
Here's a directory link for you if you want to find a shop: