Q: Rear end or drive tran issue on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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I have a 2002 Grand with Quadra-Trac. I am having a problem with a rear end noise. When the transmission downshifts when slowing down for a light or stop I hear a clunking noise coming from the rear end. It also happens when I manually downshift or when I take off from a stop, travel 50 yard and let off the gas. It's like there is "slop” in the rear end gear housing or something.

Dealer of course looked at it and found nothing. This is after they rebuilt the rear end a year ago. I also note that when I have the Jeep up on jack stands there is, what I feel abnormal play when I turn either of the rear wheels. I am able to turn or rotate either of them at least a 1/4 turn before the other wheel moves or the gears start making contact with the drive shaft. I also get the same noise when doing this but not as loud. This seems excessive to me. So I'm wondering if any one has or had the same issue and what is or was the cause or fix.

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