Q: rear end on 2004 Nissan Titan

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how can you tell the difference between a locking and non locking rear end ? my rear end went out and have to get another. 4x4 off road tow package 2004 titan
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Usually there's a tag on one of the bolts on the rear end that says what gear oil to use (posi traction or limited slip) or regular gear oil for non posi
we check for that but was not one. someone told there would be a wire run to it , if it was electronic locking ? thanks james
I looked at the diagram looks like a standard differential because I don't see a actuator for a locking rear end
Call dealer with V.I.N. # and see if they can tell you if has the lock diff or not or ask for options codes location and see if code is listed that tells what the vehicle has.
Electronic diffs have electrical harness through housing. STD diffs don't. TITAN has odd width rear axle spec. Updated factory diff is around 2400-2600 depending on location in USA.