Q: rear drive shaft on 1997 Chrysler Town & Country

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Having a problem finding a good used rear drive shaft for a 97 awd town and country and a new one is around 800 dollars thought of taking drive shaft out and just going front wheel drive only not sure what problems that will cause.
(1) Answer
You can operrate the vehicle with the driveshaft disconnected, however It is not advised. The vehicle is designed as AWD and has vacuum operated servos, viscous drive etc for proper operation. A used drive shaft should not be hard to find. Any reputable Auto Salvage yard should have a hotline service which connects them nationwide to all salvage yards on the system. There are plenty of these AWD minivans around. There are also salvage yards that specialize in Chrysler products. Make sure that you give the correct wheelbase information when purchasing a driveshaft.
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