Q: Rear Defroster Not Working on 2003 Ford Taurus

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The rear defroster on my 2003 Ford Taurus stopped working. I noticed the tab had broken off. Before reattaching I checked the voltage and I have 12 volts between the tabs and through out the defroster grid. I used Permatex® Electrically Conductive Rear Window Defogger Tab Adhesive to attach the tab. I followed the directions concerning the cleaning of the tab and the window. After attaching the tab the rear defroster is still not working. I checked the voltage and current. I am still getting 12 volts between the tabs and 12 volts on the grid. To test I connect one lead of the volt meter to the positive tab and the other to the other tab. To test the grid I attach one lead of the volt meter to the positive tab and run the other lead along each line of the grid and I get 12 volts. The adhesive is not conducting the electric I assume.

Question - How do I remove the adhesive without destroying the window? Is there a way to reattach a new tab to the grid? Can I splice into the grid some how?
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To check the to see the if the continuity between the tabs and the gird on your 2003 Ford Taurus try the following: Grid connected and on, probe the tab with one lead and the grid next to the tab with the other. meter should not read more than .5v. Perform this test on both sides. If the reading are OK and you have 12v from tab to tab as you say, the defogger should be working. I have never tried to remove a tab from the grid, can any one else out there help with that one? There are also grid line repair kits available if you happen to find a problem there.
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