Q: Rear deck speakers are out! on 2002 Buick Century

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So about a year ago my rear deck speakers went out and now only the front speakers work. Is there a cause for why they failed. I tried wiggling the wires and nothing happened. I hope its a simple fix because my front speakers cannot take the pressure.
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If speaker fade is set correctly with no sound from rear, remove one of the speakers, go to Walmart audio section and compare it to what they have. Or check out Chrutchfield. They have anything you need plus fast ship, most time next day, best price and all the connectors, adapters etc.. you can think of! Can't beat 'em! IF you get the wrong stuff from Crutchfields, you ordered the wrong stuff to start with!
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If they are original speakers; I think they lasted a good while, my 2002 speakers went out 3 years ago. Have had to replace many sets over the years. Sounds like it time to go shopping for some new ones.
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