Q: Rear brakes on 2009 Chrysler Town & Country

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The right hand rear brake has overheated 3 times due to dragging of the brakes. This is intermittent and happens while driving at highway speeds and NOT using the brakes. In June of this year the RH rear brake was so hot is was glowing red! The first indication is a faint squeak while driving.
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i would check to see if the parking brake cable is rusty or hanging up, causing the parking brake not to release completely.
I never use the parking brake as I had it (RH rear brake drag) happen with my 1999 T&C. There is a sharp turn in the cable of the 1999 and the cable does not like to release. Have not climbed under the 2009 to look.

When last fixed in June 2010, the dealer replaced all brake parts on both sides of the rear(except the parking brake) $900.00 +

Looking on the web, I see notes about the "pump", proportioning valve and other anti-lock brake issues.


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