Q: Rear Brakes on 1999 GMC Yukon

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Simple Rear Brake Question
99 GMC Yukon 5.7L Vortec 8thVIN/"R" 4wd
Need rear brakes. Do I replace just shoes? or do I replace entire drum? Should I replace Drum and shoes and get a "kit" as well for replacing all of the springs, etc...?
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If you have more than 100k on your Yukon, I would do it all the right way, the first time. I would do the shoes, the drums, the hardware kits and, very important, the rear wheel cylinders, which will leak very soon, if not already. you live in snow country and in a wet State that subjects your truck to lots of moisture. Fix your brakes like a Pro and do what I suggest. This is what I do on my car which has rear drum brakes, so I practice what I preach. Your brakes are your loved ones safety!!
Now this is a 5 star+ answer. Yukon has 100k on rear total brakes and 200k total. Sounds more than logical and thoughtful and KNOWELEDGEABLE.

Again, TY. Reagan
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