Q: rear brake lights not working on 1995 Buick Regal

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light in the rear window works,the other 2 brake lights are not coming on, could this be a fuse? or is it electrical?
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the problem was the turn signal switch i got the same trouble with mine..

chek this link to know how change it
If you haven't got this fixed yet, it might not be the brake pedal switch. I had this exact same problem. It ended up being the multifunction switch that controls your turn signals, wipers, cruise control, and brights. It's hard to explain how to test to see if this is your problem--pull the switch back as if you're turning on your bright lights, but not so far as to actually turn them on. While holding the switch in this position, hit the brakes and have someone behind the car to see if all of your brake lights work (not just the one in the window). If so, you'll need to have this switch replaced. Take it to a mechanic--the steering wheel and the air bag will need to be removed, and without special tools and the know-how, it would be an extremely difficult DYI project.
What is the actual name of the part that needs to be replaced?, multifunction turn signal switch? An is it the turn signal or the switch or both that need to be replaced?
Start with changing both brake light bulbs, because the bulbs are probably original and the bulbs have dual filaments and the brake filament is used more than the running lights.
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