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Q: Rear air suspension on 2003 Hummer H2

Air escapes from the air bags. There are no punctures. Could it be a sensor?
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i'm pretty sure it's the 2003 h2 has had to been replaced 2 times already...both sides...went around a corner, lost some air from bags...parked it, morning all air was sits so low that the sensors can't pick it up...i jacked up just the body, then they kicked in
Thank you for posting this. My 2003 lost the air in the air bags and the service air suspension light came on and the car was dragging its back end. I told my husband about your post and it took twice of jacking up the body and the air bags have held pressure and the car is riding nice again. The first time he jacked it up it went down in a day the second time it has stayed. We just replaced the air bags about 4 years ago. I think what caused the problem was that we were hauling a flat bed trailer behind it as it was fine before. Thanks again.
If air is escaping from the airbags then you have a leak somewhere. I had one that wouldn't leak unless the suspension was in a certain position allowing a small leak in the airbag to be exposed. It is possible that it is a sensor, but most likely that's not the case. I would double check all the lines and the airbags again for leaks.
When I shut the car off I can hear air escaping from the bags. This does not occur every time. We don't drive the car every day. Sometimes the bags will stay inflated until the next time we use it and shut it off. That is why I suspect a sensor problem. I don't know where the sensor is or if it is a big deal to fix. Please advise.
its your air bag that is bad just replace the bag for the side that keep deflating, my 2003 h2 hummer does the same thing, the bags are curved on the bottom so the air leaks sometimes because its rubber so it has slits, i would raise my suspension it takes awhile you might a have to drive regular as the light blinks but raising it makes the airbag extends thus going pass normal ride height and the bags stop leaking, but this is temporary so just replace it thanks
For my suspension air bags (springs) I went to they were great. I hope I could help.
I don't have an answer for this problem that I have I replace both rear sensor's and my compressor don't work . so I put the old one back in to see what's going on with it. and the compressor started to work but it only runs for thirty second's and quit's and the ride height light flash's all the time but dosent raise it up does it need to be calibrated for the compressor to work.
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