Q: Rear Air Ride Suspension on 2004 Hummer H2

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Hi! I have a 2004 Hummer H2 SUV that I recently had all new brakes & rotors put on. In the process of doing so, my Air Ride Suspension was not turned off prior to jacking it up. It has not been the same since and leaks all the air out most of the time. I know I need to get this serviced before my compressor wears out, but what is involved in servicing the Air Ride Suspension & more importantly, is it serviceable (based on what I've told you). Should the air compressor still be in good shape, what approx. costs are involved? I think I have decided to switch to coil springs in the event the compressor is worn out as well or the costs for servicing just the bags is too much. Can anyone help?? Thanks a million!
P.S. - Returning it to the guy that did my brakes is not an option as my dad's mechanic did it for me when I was in town (600 miles away) & I wouldn't expect him to fix it as he footed the bill for the brakes & rotors and all like some dads do! :)
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