Q: Re 2008 yukon on 2008 GMC Yukon Denali

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I had my 2008 yukon in to GM shop to replace 3 of the door actuators and the passenger side one is now gone. I guess GM don't realize that before you notice that all the locks are not working it could take months if threar one gives out first and that is just what happenned to me so I would actually leave my vehicule unlocked without knowing. In the past I have purchased about 1/2 million dollars of GM product (truck vans station wagon jimmy blazers along with two new Cadillacs fleetwood ) I must say that I have been more loyal to GM than they have been to me. now I am retired and only trade my vehicule every three years. all this to say that no way I am paying GM to service one more that went on the passenger side however I do not know how to take the interior door panel of so I can do it myself. Can anyone help me with some advise on how to do it.
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there is no loyality to the customer from any car manufacturer. our misfortunes are there way to make money over and over again.
anyway, water leaking around the window seals are the main cause of these failures.
taking the panel off is not easy as the attaching clips will break if you dont have the proper tool. it becomes complicated when the mounting for the clips break as well and require a new panel. I suggest you go to a shop and just have them remove the panel for you. then you can get to the lock acuator and re install the panel. it pays 1 hour to r and r. so it should cost you only a half hour labor. well worth it.

Thanks for the heads upRoy I think I will do that. I will go to a car mechanic I know and he is reasonable.Regards...................Joe
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