Q: Random misfire need help on 2003 Infiniti I35

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First my o2 sensor and 5th cylinder misfire was showing I changed the plugs and still had the problem took it back and it is showing random misfire and 4 other codes one is my o2 sensor n the others r sensors I have the other codes if needed plz help
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P0330 random misfire, p1800 air-intake bias control solenoid valve, p0011 ivt control performance bank 1, p0138 o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 2, p0021 ivt control circuit fail bank 2
Have the codes read again. Then post those new numbers. AutoZone will do it for free. P0330 is not a misfire code! Do you have a misfire in the engine?
Sorry the code is p0300 but I think I am goin to go today and read it again just to see what comes up my dad thinks it had water damage n is just bugging out but I'm not so sure on that
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