Q: ran out of gas light never came on got fuel started check engine light came on on 2003 Mazda Mazda6

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While driving the it felt like it wasnt getting any gas and would shake and felt boggled down till I hit second gear. Had engine light code read and said it was spark plugs. Replaced them and engine light went off. Later driving it came back on an car was doing the same thing again. Had engine codes read again and they code couldnt pin point the problem. Read on other sites possible coil pack, fuel injector, etc. Does anyone have any clue as to what the problem is? Also it has 155k miles. Ive replaced the battery 4 times, altinator 4 times, pcv valve, and intake manifold all within the last 2 years. Please HELP!
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the ck eng light didn't say repl spark plugs u assumed that. seek a diag and est from a mech as to not waste money. this could be several other issues
The first time the check engine light flashed I had the code read at auto zone. The code was read misfire on cylinder one. So we went ahead and changed all spark plungs since Im taking a trip to florida. After fixing that the second time the check engine light flashed w had the code read again and it was multiple misfire but the code didnt say where. Other people Ive talked to say fuel filter or coil pack. I dont know
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