Q: Ran out of gas - followed previous instructions - still won't start on 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

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Friday, I asked you guys about what would keep my Merc from starting after running it out of gas...I was told to add more gas and try that. I have added about half a tank and it is reading it on the gauge so I don't think the float is stuck. Checked fuse (it's good) replaced relay - it still won't start. Any other ideas?
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Hello ,, you need to make sure the fuel pump is coming on , open the gas cap and have someone turn on the key while listening with your ear by the gas cap , the pump should run for 3 seconds or so.. If you cannot hear the pump run , then you need to check to make sure that the fuel pump is getting 12 volts and a good ground. this vehicle is also equipped with a fuel cut off switch , witch is most likely in the trunk , check to see if that has tripped or not ,, another thing you may try is to have someone crank over the vehicle , while you smack on the bottom of the gas tank,, if it then starts you will need to replace the pump...
The emergency fuel pump cut off switch did trip - it was in the down position. I tried to reset it but is staying in the down position (turned off). I can pull the button back up but, according to the manuel, it should just reset itself. Is that accurate? If not, how do you reset
If it is in the down position, it did not trip. If it had, it would be in th up position. The symptoms you describe are classic of a fuel pump.