Q: Ran out of gas. on 1991 Chevrolet S10

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Recent new fuel pump. Told tank more than 3/4 full. Gas gauge does not work. Engine died. No gas? Put in 1 gallon. Started after half dozen tries. Went across street and tried to fill up. Could only put in 3.21 gallons. Fuel pump problem?
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The fuel pump and sender unit are in the same unit in the tank it's so hard guess without being able to do some tests.How recent was the fuel pump replaced? Was this the first time the car was driven since the replacement? It's easy to damage the fuel tank sender unit on installation of the fuel pump so that may be why the gauge is not working. When you run out of gas it does take a few attempts to prime the system so the engine will restart. if it only took a couple of gallons I wonder if the tank has collapsed because a hose is put on wrong or something got kinked. To hard to tell without doing some tests.
Yes your answer was helpful. Truck was driven from shop to home. Sat for at least a month. Was then driven about 12-15 miles. Then mabey 2 miles, 1 mile then about 2 miles when it apparently ran out of gas. After getting gas I drove it home, where it sits. Need to get it back to shop, to find out what is wrong.
you need to have the fuel pump checked for pressure.
even though it nis recent. there could be debris in the tank that may have caused the first failure and may cause a second failure.

find out what the exact fuel pressure is before you assume anything.

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