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I have a Ram 1500 2013. A mouse ate a hole in the plastic box that the ac dryer dumps its water in. This container is in back of the top glove box. The Ram shop says the complete dash has to be removed for a fix. Can it be repaired without this removing the dash? Thanks in advance
John S.
PS He found this with a mirror and light from the floor board.
How do i know if it is defective or just a glitch and there is a easy fix?
Ignition key has been reprogrammed several times, does not solve problem. Mechanism that reads key has been replaced. Radio Hub module has been replaced. Factory technicians did electronic configuration twice. Problem still exists. HELP and THANK YOU
A.c compressor can be fixed?
passenger high beam does not work ... changed bulb and still nothing
My check engine light came on and I got error code P018c "Fuel Pressure Sensor "B" Circuit Low. I will try getting a gas cap first, but if I need to change the sensor, I need to know how hard it is and where I can purchase the part.
It's been at the delear for over a week and they just keep changing parts is there any electrical issues with the 13 model year or recalls
this is happening about every 2 weeks. Chrysler is telling me they have not had other reports of this problem. Dealer has changed the door handle. I feel there is a short in the wiring system
Welded seam connecting floor and side of bed is split.Ram saying this is normal.
it seems like shifter is not going to park all the way, some times does not stick------ any adjustment on shifter or switch that it may not be making up all the time--------what should I tell dealer ????????
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