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Need to start and stop engine a couple of times before it will shift to drive.
Charge light comes on truck won't start
The lightning bolt comes on on the dash and truck won't start
wont start
65,000 miles got the truck ...Changed throttle ran for an hour next day same thing turning over wont start
Every time I turn my truck off hear a fan or small motor sounds coming from somewhere around my fuel tank(which is just in front of my driver side rear tire). It dies turn off till it's completely drained my battery. Need to find out what it is cus it just killed one battery and don't want to have to replace my new one..
Hey y'all. I'm pretty see my battery died the other day so I jump started it today and now the interior lights turn on and all that but when I out my actual key (not fob) in the ignition, it seems really loose and doesn't feel like the right key for the car. It won't even let me remotely turn it regardless if I move the steering wheel or make sure the gear shifter is in park. Is there something I'm missing here? Thank you!
WhT could cause this issue was running great and just happened
Fan blows fine. When i turn on air it blows normal and strong but only hot air. When i then turn on max air it gets as cold as it should. I figure since it gets cold on max, freon is okay??? Fan blows strong and in all vents , so i feel its not a blower/flap door issue. Truck only has 43ooo on it. Ideas?? Could it be dash switch or fuse??
2004 Ram with the Hemi 5.7L. truck drives ok it has 3000 original miles.engine codes P2106,P0627, 645, 29
It feels like my differential bangs when I come to a stop some times it happens ten seconds after I have stopped
Sometimes I'll loose 4th gear and no down shift. Only code I had was gas cap. Codes clear now. Makes me think it's vacuum related.tried carb cleaner around the top of the engine got a small surge behind the plenum. Any help is appreciated. I still need to do the a/c and heater core after I fix this.
Thanks in advance, Vin
Would this be related to the recall issues?
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