Q: radio works then stops working and within a weeks time car needs jumped on 2001 Chrysler Sebring

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The radio in my car will work fine for about 2 months. Stops working then within 3 weeks the car will need a jump start . If I do not drive the car at least ten minutes a day , the battery goes dead. I have had the alternator checked previously told was good, replaced the battery and told was not needed. I also had a mechanic check for electrical problems and was told that it was fixed and 2 months later started doing the same thing . PLEASE HELP !!!! I dont want to be ripped off again !! I took the fuse out for the radio and plan on taking the radio out all together !!
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first of all, you were not ripped off. it was ok for 2 months and something else went wrong.
you need a good electrical tech to do a parasitic draw test on your system and find the draw and why. you will have to spend money and trust someone without thinking you are going to get ripped off. try trusting some one.