Q: radio won't turn on on 2007 Cadillac DTS

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I have a 2007 Cadillac DTS and today the radio just stopped working. I have also noticed that the turn signals work but don't "click" anymore. There may be more things but this is just what I noticed on the way home
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i have the same problem when ever i have a problem with my 2007 dts i diconect the battery unfortunately it did not work this time i also pulled the fuse and radio came on for 2 seconds and shut back off did this with the Battery disconnected also ,radio don't work and no turn signal sound .this car was nothing but problems since day one with the electrical system pure junk ,i will warn others never to buy a G.M product and especially a Cadillac since new this car has been in the shop more then it has been driven
I have the same car with the same problem. I removed the 15 amp radio fuse in the fusebox under the rear seat. The fuse was not blowm so I put the same fuse back it in the fusebox. The radio now works and turn signal clicks. I think the fuse removal reset the radio's computer. Car has no other known problems. Hope the repair lasts. Try this and let me know. Wil