Q: radio comes on but the audio is gone on 2003 Honda Accord

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the radio comes on but it doesn't play. the volume goes up but there is no sound. Sometimes it may play for 3 days and then some times it doesn't play for 11-12 days. This started in 2009. The CD doesn't play when this occurs. Also the ABS light comes on and stays on if I am in stop and go traffic. The mechanic at DCH Honda thinks it may be a fuse. The panel lights on the radio and by the gears come on and off.
(2) Answers
You have a few issues going on here, or they may all be related, but this is going to take a diagnosis by a technician. Your going to need to pay for an hour of diagnosis time at a shop to figure this out.
This happens on my 2003 also. I have a short circuit under the driver's seat that is causing my problem.
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