Q: radiator problems on 2002 Saturn SC2

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My radiator has plastic side-pans. Keeps developing leaks at the seam where plastic meets metal. Stock one lasted 4 1/2 years. Has had 5 since then. Seems like there is something else wrong along with bad design. What could cause this?
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Is the radiator in your 2002 Saturn SC2 leaking from the edge of the metal at the seam or from the actual seal itself at the seam. I have not seen repeated seal leaks at the plastic side tanks on radiators from any manufactures - they almost all use this style now. The only thing that I can think of that could cause repeated seal leaks would be over pressurization of the cooling system. If the leak is from the metal section near the plastic tank the problem could be a result of electrolysis. The occurs when a small of electrical current is flowing through the cooling system, this current flow causes corrosion to begin prematurely. Electrolysis in the radiator can be a very difficult situation to correct. You can try thoroughly flushing the cooling system and adding new coolant. Keeping an eye on the coolant level can also help slow down premature corrosion. Corrosion can sometimes begin if there is air in the top of the radiator instead of coolant. Keeping the cooling system full will keep air out of the top of the radiator. If you are loosing coolant slowly causing air to enter the radiator the cooling system should be inspected for other leaks.
Well, I meant to post that it was a pressure issue because where the metal core clamps over the side pans always bows out away from the side pan causing the leaks. I was wondering what would be causing the pressure issue. Thank you!
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