Q: Radiator fans do not turn on. 12V feed directly to fan will make the fan operate on 1999 Cadillac DeVille

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So the fans check out I also tested the 3 Relays under the fans, check out ok too. Fans will also work if the air conditioner compressor is on. But not under normal driving with Air conditioner off. The car starts to over heat until it is moving then the temp comes down rather quickly. The fan circuit has a problem. So tracing back what’s next? So far I checked the fans, tested OK. Then tested each relay, tested OK. What feeds the primary circuit to the relays?
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May have multiple sensors/switches for that car. Need to know circuit for fan controls to start. Coolant temp sensor , or rad. fan switch, Some cars have them seperate , others combined . Need to know which you have , then you can test properly.In the meantime--when you come to a stop , turn on the A/C or defrost.
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