Q: radiator fan switch on 1994 Audi 100

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how should the fan switch be wired? Previous owner bypassed the original install with several pieces of wire under the hood and the switch laying on the floor.
(1) Answer
The fan switch on an Audi 100 should be wired. Theres a thingy that tells a relay to turn the fans on and the Fan Gods magically make the fans turn real fast. Some say it's magic. I pretty much believe that the Fan Gods really don't have anything else to do, and since fans are their business, it really doesn't matter how they do it. As long as they do it. Have you tried the eff word? Sometimes, various automotive Gods can be hailed through high decibel vulgarity. Jumping up and down never hurts either. Unless you're old. Or if your feet are broke. Then it can be quite painful.
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