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Q: radiator fan stick on 2002 Mini Cooper

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How can I fix the radiator fan from sticking? Do I have to replace the fan?
Is the fan running by fuse or electrical?
my Cooper had this happen about six months ago. ran the battery down as I was unaware it was sitting with the fan running. Ended up being a bad relay that was a part of the fan. They had to replay the fan entirely, as the relay was integrated into the fan. Just be mindful of when they do disconnect things to replace it, the radio may come up 'DISABLED'. Mine did and without the four digit code to enter into the radio I can not get the radio to play now. Dealership has that code but wouldn't release it without doing a diagnostic on the car. I know that they have the code as long as I have the proof of ownership.
Seems as though I've heard of this problem before, performing a quick Google search confirms this. It would take someone with a scan tool to verify the fan is not being commanded to turn on, but it's likely a bad fan motor.
Mini should supply there special service tool with all cars for relay switches..... A HAMMER.. My 2002 Mini fan would not shut off. If you tap the relay on the fan unit it will stop. I now have to use my special tool for my interior ac/heater fan as it will not turn on. If you tap the heater blower unit on the passenger side near the firewall it will start right up. I have replaced the climate control unit once. Th part is $640.00. . Good luck everyone with relays..
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