Q: Radiator and Condenser fans stay on continuously whenever ac is on!!! on 1999 Honda Accord

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This only started after I had a front end accident and had to replace the condenser and radiator which were both damaged. Previous to the accident the radiator and condenser fans used to come on and off intermittently whenever the airconditioner was turned on. But now it never goes off! Will this malfunction eventually fry my ac e.g. compressor etc? I already checked both condenser and radiator fan relays. Is it the expansion valve that may be clogged after accident? Or the fan control module? JUST Brainstorming!! Pls Help me diagnose this problem!!
(3) Answers
With A/C OFF and idling for a good while, do the fans work just from engine temp? Come on when engine gets hot enough.? That info will help!!
Fans controlled through the PCM , best to have complete circuit diagram & operation description , to diagnose in proper order. Most likely related to collision & related repairs.
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