Q: quits running and won't start on 1995 Dodge Neon

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Most of the time my car runs good but occassionally it will just stop running and then sometimes it will start right back up and other times it won't eventually it will but it is unprdictable and a nuisance Any ideas and i don't think it is the alternator.
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I would check for any codes in your computer and repair any trouble code problems. Then I would check the Crank Sensor.
My service light doesn't come on and so far no codes have shown up. Can this sensor go bad with out triggering a code?
You should probably check your Starter Solenoid. It sounds like the same problem I had with my 94 Accord. It would run just fine but sometimes after I shut it off, it wouldn't crank. Give it overnight and it would crank just fine. Good luck!!
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