Q: quit pulling in 2WD, only the front wheels pull when in 4WD on 1997 Toyota 4Runner

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checked all linkage,all is ok.
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Rear driveshaft missing ... or rear gears are shot...! . The main shaft in the transfer case has to be turning before the front driveshaft can engage! That main shaft IS what turns the rear driveshaft, so rear gear must be crapped out....any noise when in 2wd and trying to move vehicle? Rear driveshaft turning?
yes, it has a rear driveshaft, no, it doesn't spin,and NO, the rear-end is fine. rear driveshaft missing, REALLY?? How bout sending me some internal diagrams of the transfer case, because I can shift into 4WD with truck in park or neutral. Been trying to find an exploded view of the transfer case,no-one seems to be able.
Yep REALLY!! ...I got no way to know what you have or have not got,...missing or whatever!! For all i know you just bought it that way!! I was Just giving 'logical' possibilities!! For a fee, here you go, should find what YOU want at......