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Took battery out but it back it a few days later my lights will come on but it won't start or even crank never had a problem till i took out battery
4lo and check engine light showing on 2015 Lexus LS 570 . we have replaced the 2secondary air injection pumps but problem still persists.
The light of anti-lock and trac off and service soon come on often lately what is that mean is it expensive to fix what should I do????
The service soon and trac off come on
I was messing with my stereo trying to get all my speakers to work then noticed my speedometer was stuck over past 100. All other gauges still work though.
My battery is good, starter is good and all fuses are good. Absolutely no power to Lexus is250. No lights (interior or exterior- dash nothing) no beeps nothing.
Turn the car off and the radio wont turn off
I am trying to find the best racing and autocross tires for my 2003 viper and the 345 rear tires are hard to find. I wonder if I can use 335 since many more options and if so what exact size should I use to use my current wheels (stock).
There is a rythemic low pitch noise coming fr the front tires when driving at low speed of 30 to 40 km/h. The noise becomes more constant as speed builds up.
It just turn on but acts like there's not enough power to crank it
It's a 05 F 250 with a 6.0 diesel. It cranked over but won't stat back up. I pulled cap off the oil filter and there was no oil in reservoir. l pulled the fuel filter and looked like it was getting fuel to the one along the frame rail under the truck. could not the cap of the one under the hood to see if it was getting fuel. The only code was 8 glow plug.
Just wondering if the seats mounts are the same or not
The numbers 402 is on my dash,wasnt there before. i connect a scan tool,but shows successful scan results,its where the odometer is located.
2006 endeavor is turning but won't crank. I have replaced with a timing kit, a new fuel pump and battery and now it's not getting any fire to the fuel pump. What could the problem be?
My gmc envoy won't go very fast and runs at a high rpm and runs hot and the air conditioner is running hot