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No ground from pcm to relay
No start no crank power from in switch yo pcm but no relay command from p
nissan micra dicel 2012
the engine will not start after the engine is warm up and turned off until the the negative battery cable is removed then replaced.
My husband went to the store earlier today and the airbag light was not on and we left the windows down on our SVU and it rained and when he went to roll the windows up he noticed that the airbag light on the dash was on and this is the first time it has ever came on. We have left the windows down before and the airbag light has never came and now all of a sudden it is on... He doesn't want me in the SVU because of it not being safe. We called auto zone and asked them about it and they told us that it could be a bad switch or it could be a recall on the equinox because he has heard of them and told us with the light being that we could be driving down the road and hit a bump in the road and the airbags will pop out at anytime so my husband doesn't want me in it because as of right now our equinox isn't safe to be in and it's the only vehicle that we to drive so that's why I want to know if there is a recall on the airbags for the 2011 Chevy equinox because we don't have another car
I was traveling at a low rate of speed after having traveled on the highway for about an hour when I saw blue smoke come from the tailpipe. Now, the car started hesitating and it was difficult to keep it running. What could have caused this to happen? My mechanic did find at least one fouled spark plug and changed all the wires and plugs. Now the car has trouble turning over even with a jump. How should he go about troubleshooting this problem?
My 08 MC/S turbo had the evaporator &dryer replaced. Now the steering wheel moves easily when parked, engine off. When started, the car wants to turn left, without the driver moving the st wh. Also, when the engine is cut off, the wipers come on and will not turn off using the lever, and the radio will not shut off automatically, when the driver door is opened. It seems like my key does not slide in as easy now. I haven’t checked to see if the headlights, etc still come on at dusk and go off by themselves. I’m taking it back to the mechanic tomorrow morning, (Thursday) June 21. I appreciate your help. I’m so upset about my car. I’ve owned it since bought new in 2008, and been it's only driver. It’s one of the last things my husband bought me before his death, Feb, 2011. I hope you can help me. Thank you.
My husband went to the store earlier today and the check airbag was not on and then later on today we had left the windows down and now the airbag light is on but we have left the windows down before and it has rained and the airbag light has never came on until today and I was told that there is a recall for the airbags on my 2011 Chevy equinox. I want to be able to feel safe in my own car and right now I don't with the airbag light being on and I was told by auto zone that we could be driving down the road and all we have to do is hit a bump in the road and the airbags will come out and cause us to wreck.... We have had this SVU for almost 4 years now and the airbag light has never came on the dashboard before and it is the only vehicle we have to drive its our ever day driver to go to the store and to the doctors and everywhere else and now we can't drive it because we don't feel safe enough to drive it
I know for sure I have a bad ignition switch did all the testing and there is no doubt that that is the problem someone told me that I can remove the lower part of the dash and drop the column and have access to the switch which should be in the top of the column but everywhere I search on the internet says you have to pull the steering wheel so I'm wondering if anyone knows for sure I appreciate it thank you
I am doing nothing, driving as normal and the light comes on.
I've checked all fuses, both door panel boxes and under the hood. I keep positive cable disconnected, soon as i touch the battery with it lights start flashing. There was one time they went off with all doors shut and when i opened driver door to get in and drive it down the road for a check lights immediately started to flash. It sounds like my hazards are on, they're not. But that clicking sound they make when they are on is what I'm hearing and is real strong at the fuse box under the hood.
All the lights goes on I pulled in the garage and put it in park went to start it back up and I can't get it out of gear and it wont start
service tire system soon flashes along with low tire pressure sign and with a few other signs.
problem happens every time we drive it. if you wait 15 minutes it will start and go through the same thing again
I have noticed that while I am driving the sunroof opens and closes on its own. It doesn't appear to have any rhyme or reason. I also can no longer use the controls to open when I want to. Please help. I have searched forums and none are on Impalas, rather sunroofs in general (sunroof drains or crush sensor). The sunroof doesn't leak and doesn't appear to be off track. I am just concerned that one day it will open and won't close. Thank you!