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Is it to drive when my 1997 volvo 960 had error code po440
The new parts are Volvo parts, $1,713 new for right and left xenon headlamps and made for 2003 XC70, see "volvocarparts" on the web.

Question is if such substitution would be reliable given that the vehicle's computer module would need reprogramming, and making sure that the electrical system is not overtaxed as well with decent headlamp life? My usual garage is scared as such was not a then 2003 option as 2003 was a very short production year for the XC70, mine was produced in December, 2002, has only 105,000 true miles all almost "brand new," i.e., new complete brakes, new transmission, new fuel pump, new computer module, new suspension parts, timing belt, near all vulnerabilities replaced.
Just yesterday
Today July 16, 2018 the speedometer stopped working on my 2001 volvo s40 and the abs light came on as well as the brake light. How can I fix these issues?
1st time occurring, headliner panel fell and trying to fix, lowered top partially.
I have a volvo 940gl 1992.when the engine speed is more than 3500 the check light turn on .can you tell me tha reason?
throttle body sensor failure
need to replace new belting
no back lights.on a 2001s80 2.9 volvo the pnp switch is inside the transmitition the volvo dealership wants $90.00 to tell me what is wrong.fuses are good,they say it is a communication problem not voltage.the backup lights came on 1day while I was trouble shooting and then the next day off again.can you please help
what would we expect to pay to repair faulty fuel guage in 2006 v70 volvo?
Volvo s40 2001 were is my sip stick for trans
Rear view replacement. Driver saide rear view mirror vandalized and broken
High pitched squeaks from engine that seems to follow the vibration of the car. Doesn't happen at start while car is cold. Squeaking starts only after car has been driven for a while and continues till engine has been turned off and has had ample time to cool down. Replaced serpentine belt 2 weeks ago but it's still squeaking
Headlight washer on XC90 2007 dont working ?
And The fuses is ok
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