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changed head remove cam gears dont have a clue how to get back in time with cam shaft

I was told that I need a new transmission for my V70-XC. It has 107,000 and 2 repair shops said the fluid is dirty. However, one says that I need a new transmission, the other says I need to replace the valve body. What should I do?

Car began slowing rapidly when coasting without applying the brakes. Noticed after 10 mile drive. Left front disk sizzling hot. Others cool.

Just noticed after 10 mile drive. Car slows down quickly without coasting. Felt all disks when I got home. All but the left front disk was relatively cool. Left front sizzling hot. How do I unsieze? How far can I drive this to a mechanic if I can't repair/relace myself?

I have a hissing sound and whistle from (a braking) component. Reason, when I step (press) on the brake pedal the noises stop. Any clue as to what this is. It sounds like an air leak.

I checked the hose to the wastegate and also applied air pressure to the hose and was able to verify that the wastegate was functioning properly. Is there a by-pass valve and or diaphragm on the boost side of the turbo where the pressure hose attaches to from the control valve?

The car will need a (new) water pump, timing belt kit, serpentine belt, turbo using oil-leaks inside, been told it needs replaced, can it be rebuilt? please supply cost as needed. I'm not looking for any free lunch. New to area and looking fo a good tech,

Also has An SRS light which I was told had an inherent issue with the seat belt sensor ground. Can it be tested or will the have to be replaced until l I find the bad one if that's the case? Thank you

I am looking to buy a 1999 volvo v70xc, the owner says it has no compression in cylinder number four, how much is this going to cost me to fix and is it worth buying this vehicle? vehicle has 125,000 miles on it.

The dealership states:
"breather box is restricted will require breather box, hoses, seals, and gaskets along with oil pan reseal for $1727."
Car has 100500 miles.
I can't find information about a breather box. Does this sound right?
Thanks in advance.

i have volvo v70 xc model 2002. my question can i buy thermostat without the housing because the problem is the thermostat. thanks

how do i time the drivers window regulator, thought motor was bad .removed to replace an found regulator was out of do i set it up so window goes up evenly

Teeth are missing from flex plate won't start. I would like to know the procedure of removing the trans. to replace the flex plate. Diagram and step by step if possible, thank you.

The car was parked and a plow hit it headon. The next day it won't start so I try too jump starting it nogood. I checked the fuses all good,I changed the spark plugs still noting

what is the engine immobilizer on the carr

My '01 V-70 XC occasionally but not always has a "Service Engine-Urgent" and orange ! light come on when I start the car. Operation is normal and engine seems smooth so I plan to drive to the dealer tomorrow for a diagnostic. Last night the engine was rough and wouldn't smooth out--couldn't get going over 20 mph so took it right home. Today, no problem and no warning light. Any ideas?

Car was running fine, parked overnight, cranks but won't start. New battery, has spark, fuel pump can be heard running on key up, timing belt okay, all fuses appear okay, cycled key five times to clear alarm lock out - no good.

sometimes when i try to start the key won't turn, if you slowly and keep moving key slighty back and forth and in and out alittle it will start after awhile, volvo said poss. need to replace switch or maybe some rode needs ajusted

rough idling, no power, timing belt chech out is OK.

Dear Pal,

Can I replace the support pistons for the rear hatch myself?


I put new rear pads on the vehicle and ever since seems like the emergency brake is locked on. Can't seem to get it unlocked at rear.

After I picked up my car from the mechanic last time my radio shows "OFF" instead a "code". I am not sure if he entered the code wrongly couple times and it is now in the "OFF" mode or there is something else wrong. Anyway I have the code and I did try what the book say to have the car in ignition mode (on number one) for two hours but still nothing changed. The radio still says: OFF. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.

Why is your estimate more than dealership prices?

Hello, I have a 1999 V70 XC AWD.
The check engine light came on and the volvo dealership in Brooklyn told me to replace the Oxygen sensors, front and rear. After a few miles the light went on again. Volvo dealership replaced the engine wiring harness to sensors, but after a few miles check engine light came on again. Now the volvo dealership tells me that the main engine harness need replacement. Does any one know more about this issue?

I have a 2000 Volvo XC V70 that I just got back from being serviced at Volvo. It received 105,000 mile service plus replaced both front rotos and brake pads. Driving to work this morning there was smoke coming from both wheel wells. I called Volvo and they advised that with new rotors there might be some leftover grease in the air venting bevels on the rotors that probably burned off. Is this true? What else would cause this smoke?

The head lights, tail lights and dash lights are not working on my car. High beams will work if holding in the on position. Fuses all seem fine, and bulbs are good. What up?

My car rolled away in park. I can be in the car and put it in park, take my foot off the break and it rolls. Then yesterday I put it in reverse and it would not go. It sounded like it was in neutral.

My son's 2001 Volvo V70 "died" on the highway. The voltage light was on. It was towed to Firestone. They replaced the battery, stating the alternator is charging properly.

He drove to the grocery store later that day. First, the headlights would not turn on, so he used his flood lights. Then, all the lights started pulsing, and each time they pulsed they got brighter.

Anybody know what this is?



My mechanic told me that the Heater/AC Climate Controls need replacing. The heat does not work and the AC on light stays light even if it not blowing. Only cold air will blow. The cost? $1100! I can see why because the part lists for $900+ new. However, I found them used on Ebay for $50-$100 but the part numbers do not match exactly although they look exactly the same and from the same year. Could this be an issue? Does it matter if the controls are from a V70 wagon that it is not XC? Thank you.

Happens all the time, just started, had it towed, seems to have started after hitting a bad pothole